Why isn't there a Design, Business/Marketing forum?

So I guess this is the right place to ask this, but why doesn’t Unreal have a forum dedicated to game design? There’s sorta a part of one dedicated to level design, but I’d really like to see a forum dedicated to game design questions with emphasis on how the Unreal engine can be used to solve those design decisions.

Similarly there’s no forum (unless I missed it) for discussing publishing, sales, marketing, pr, or any other of the important “non game” sides of game development.

I’d personally love to see both!

You can ask all those question in the general discussion section :slight_smile:

At which point they get buried under a lot of other things and have people who are not interested in them reading them and people who are interested in them missing them…

Case in point that this item is on page 2 24 hours or so after posting :slight_smile:

I wish there was a marketing forum, While I am not well versed in unreal as of yet I am def well versed in marketing/sales

so it would be a place that people like me could contribute.

+1. We need some sort of marketing forum category to discuss game marketing, maybe getting games onto services, etc…