Why Isn't My ToolTip Widget Working Properly

I up until now have included my item preview as an element of my inventory, but I want to assign it as a tooltip widget for the elements of my inventory, aka I hover over the selected Item, and I get the tooltip, But in practice it only shows the default layout, the text never changes or the icon even though I have Identical bindings to the original

Since the widget didn’t show up as an option in the tooltip widget selection (can someone explain how this list is populated?) I made it a binding like so:

Here is an example of one of the bindings for the text:

This is the result I was talking about:

What I’m getting is that it’s not updating at least that’s my guess because the bindings are right

I encountered the same problem. And here’s my solution:
I create widget on event construct and promote it to variable. Then I just make bindings (tooltip widget), connecting return node with the promoted variable. It’s worked.

The question is over 1 year old but I’ll chip in case anyone stumbles upon it. What @Oleg_Kolyada suggests is OK but not ideal. Rather than creating a binding (which fires every frame), one can directly set a widget tooltip like so:

No functions are necessary.

Hi. Can You post Variable structure of widget and the blueprint of player controller?

You’re calling player CONTROLLER instead of player CHARACTER.
In my opinion it is wrong because the Controller is responsible for controlling the player character. All character variables should be stored in the player character class, or utility class designed to store that data.

If widget BP is called from Blueprint A he cannot get information From Blueprint B untill you make a Reference variable in Blueprint A or make that variables Public. But to give You full and acurate answer i need to know where You call widget and where are the variables.

I tried the solution of @Everynone, it’s worked, but if I set the animation (smooth appearence of tooltip widget) - worked incorrect - animation will play 7-8 times, and then turn off. Tooltip widget opens without animation. I set the animation on Event Construct of the tooltip widget.

If it plays 7-8 times and then stops, I’d blame the implementation rather than the above-mentioned method. Do note that the automated tooltips are rather simple, or should I say - limited in their flexibility. You would need to fire their animations manually using onMouseEnter/Leave to get it working properly. For example, you cannot control the delay of the automated tooltips.

If you want something more advanced than the default tooltip behaviour, you should write you own.

Also, have a look at this post, perhaps it will help:

@Everynone, thank you very much for the useful article!

No problem, in case you need even more info, check my post here:

It contains a graph showing how to use a completely custom tooltip that does not rely on the build-in functionality. This will give you the most functionality.

Good luck.