Why isn't my timiline working?

Im Having an issue with my timeline in an targeting actor im trying to make. Simply put, when I press “f” it should pick a target, then when I press “g” it should move the actor to the target over 9 seconds. I have a boolean keeping the program from trying to move to a false target. The problem is that it moves to the first target in about 3 seconds, but the timeline runs the “finished” code after the original 9 seconds.

afterwards, it ignores the timeline completely and teleports the actor to the next target immediately, with no wait for running the “finished” code. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Looks like the third image (Troubleshooting2.png) isn’t fully uploaded. :nerd_face:


Thanks for pointing that out. I replied to my original post with the 2 and 3 ones because when trying to reattach the 3rd, it decided that I shouldn’t be able to post either cause i am a new member :roll_eyes:

Better now! :nerd_face:

You have to reference your Default Scene Root World Location before you start the Timeline, otherwise you end up updating your location constantly while the Timeline is running.

Edit: Did a quick node setup to show it visually.

Thanks!! this helps so much