Why isn't my Health Bar like the one in Example?

Been messing with blueprint for a while. Ive pretty much tore down the sample files and started reverse engineering. Sometimes having more luck than others…

One of the things im having trouble with right now, is that i made a side scroller type game, but for some reason the health bar doesnt behave like the one on the sample HUD map. Instead it looks like its shrinking in one axis. So at first i thought that it was because of the material. But ive done everything just like in the sample map and im really out of ideas :frowning:

On the image above, from left to right, left being the health bar maxed out. And right being where it starts to tile.

I had the same thing

you need to change the Tiling method of the texture, check the image I attached
by default is set to WRAP, set both to CLAMP

Thank you so much! that worked! :smiley:

I love you