Why is Xbox One Controller not working?

I just bought an Xbox One Controller for the development of my game. When I plug it in Windows 10 picks it up and the controller rumbles. When I am in UE4 I can cycle trough the viewports with the controller, but when I play the game the player pawn doesn’t move at all. I have the inputs all correctly set for gamepad keys and everything. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I had a similar problem, and I checked the following to get things going.

  • I had recently plugged my Xbox One controller in, so possibly it didnt detect right away

  • Can you move around in the editor view (not playing the game) with the controller? It should fly around like WASD

  • When you start the game, have you clicked on the window to focus it so it takes input?

  • Try running the game outside of the editor and see what happens.

  • Open the blueprint while playing your game which listens for controller input and check to see if connections are firing.

  • You may also have an event which consumes the input and isn’t sharing with other event calls

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, for me it was that I hadn’t clicked on the game window to focus input.