Why is widget not updating dynamic material instance?

When pressing ‘E’ I want to show an interaction widget with a spinning circle doing one rotation. I can get the widget to show up but I’m not able to update the material parameter to make it spin.

The widget has an instanced material with that can be made to spin with the parameter “Percentage”.

When I update this parameter in the player BP the widget shows up but there is no visual change on the circle/material. It stays still

What am I missing/doing wrong here?

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Looks OK at a glance. Things to check:

  • we can’t see you assign the DMI to the widget, how / where is it assigned? Perhaps you still have a non-dynamic material instance there?
  • the Interaction Speed variable, the fInterp To Constant needs large values
  • parameter name for typos

When you create a dynamic material this way, you need to assign this material to something. Otherwise you’re updating the material variable that isn’t referenced by anything.

Thanks for the input, I couldn’t find a way to assign the dynamic material in the player BP so I made it easier by doing this directly in the widget instead.

Now it works great