Why is UE4 running slow?

I was able to run editor before this new version, but now it’s running slower…

It’s not my computer, as I meet every recommendation.

For some reason UE4 isn’t taking as much resources as it needs to. It’s only running on about 8% capacity of my i7. (Quad core, 3.9GHz)

I have no other programs open except Skype, and I’m getting around 10 FPS.

I can develop in Unlit mod as of now, I’m just wondering if there’s a way to max out capacity?

I’ve tried setting it’s resource to “Realtime” on my PC too, still does nothing.

Any and all help would be appreciated!

Btw, I’m running this all on the “Startup Map”

Try compiling Code in Visual Studio and Build scene.

It’s standard blueprint project, and scene is pre-built :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Try it :wink: i had same issue and it worked for me

It’s still pretty bad, but it definitely helped a little bit. went from 4-6 in editor to 10-14

thanks :smiley:


Just so I’m sure, what do you mean by, ‘new version’? 4.0.1 is only version we’ve released. Are you running on a Mac? Have you downloaded one of QFEs found in a different post?

Could you post your OS and machine specs, please? Thanks!

Try updating your drivers.

I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re Staff since you said “we’ve released”

I was in beta!

I’m running Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit


Processor: i7-3770 Quad Core @3.9Ghz
Graphics Card (ick, worst part of my computer) GT 630 2-GDDR3


Updated completely :3

Oh hey Ryan!

If you run beta now, does it still run as well as it used to?

We’ve got someone taking a look into this for you. We’ll definitely let you know when we have something.

Hey !

I can’t run a full comparison as my project isn’t compatible anymore, BUT, I’m running blueprint 3d person demo, its easily getting 12 FPS.

Which is still a boost from what I’m getting in newer one, which I get around 4-5 FPS.


What version of beta did you last use? I don’t have a 630, but I have a 610 and 640 and can see if there was indeed a performance drop on these cards.

Also, on beta, what percentage of CPU was used to run UE4 under same circumstances? It would be good to benchmark that CPU in case there’s a problem there.

Beta version: 1945001

I’d appreciate it!

CPU Usage: (With engine just “idling”)

Beta: 16-18% with 231.6 MB ( Usually while I’m working, it takes up around 40-60% and around 1GB of RAM )

New: 14-16% with 343.1 MB ( It runs same while idling, but it doesn’t adapt to a new work-pace like beta does. So it will stay at 14-16% no matter what I’m doing )

Any suggestions on benchmarking software? It’s a pretty new CPU ( less than 1 year ) , constantly under guard of a surge protector and never over clocked.

Thanks again!

CPU and GPU will be fine, im using a FX6100 and a GTX660.
Only possible hardware issue will be RAM

Hey there. I’m also having same problem. It’s actually running so slow I’m actually having a hard time keeping my eyes open and I just downed a coffee-mixed-with-peppermint-tea (try it sometime, it’s delicious!). I assume it’s not my specs, since this is a relatively recent sony vaio but I’ll post them here for heck of it:

Windows 7 64-bit
intel i7 @ 2.3 GHz
8.0 gb ram

Just double-checked and my processor is lower than system requirements by 0.2 :frowning: ■■■■.
Looks like I’ll have to get my ol’ desktop shipped out here. I’m posting to follow this thread though, just in case. I hope your problem gets resolved,TSpartanT.

From my short experience running UE4 editor I have already purchased a new graphics card despite having rather great system specs. I would personally recommend getting a 2GB EVGA GeForce GTX 660 SC (runs about $200 right now, BestBuy carries it widely) or better. Switching up from an older card to this created an amazing boost in framerate and buttery smooth blueprint editing. You have to keep in mind a lot of rendering is done on GPU anyway.

It’s worth checking your DirectX control panel for any debug features being enabled, and that UE4 executable isn’t in list of debug executables.

Also, this is probably a silly question, but you haven’t accidentally set max framerate to something tiny have you?

Many things can cause that. One area that has changes and affects low spec quite a bit is editor grad and selection drawing. It much better looking but comes at a cost - on a lower end machine this can make a noticable difference. You can press G to disable grid drawing (for now you also can disable new grid with this console command: r.editor.newlevelgrid 0). selection is not used when using PIE (play in editor) or outside editor (start with -game).
Generally we suggest a modern graphics card for best experience.
Please verify if that is your issue.

Sorry for late response.

None of those were problem though.

I understand that my graphics card isn’t best. What I was saying, is that my card worked fine in pre-release versions of engine.

I switched back to my Windows 7 OS though and got better results on engine. It may just be a performance drop on Windows 8.1?