Why is UE 4.4 loading the last project instead of the Project Browser?

When I start UE 4.4 there’s not project browser. Instead it starts up the last project I loaded. I’m running on a mac with OS X 10.9.4. While I can load my existing projects from the library tab I haven’t found a way to create a new project with 4.4 so I have to assume it’s not meant to be like this. Is this a bug or just be being stupid?

I tried verifying and reinstalling but it’s remained the same.

If you open one of your existing projects, then go File->Open Project…, it will open the Select Project window. In the bottom left of this window there is the “Always load last project on startup” check box. Simply deselect that, and then you should be able to exit out of the editor and be shown the project select/new project window when you next start up the engine.

Hopefully this works for you.

Aha you’re right! Thank you.