Why is Timeline giving different results with every PIE session?

Hi all,

I have a problem with the Timeline node and it’s rather frustrating.

In my project, I use several Timelines in Level BP and some Actor BPs. For the tracks, I use vector tracks as well as float tracks. The outcomes are linked to AddRelativeLocation, AddRelativeRotation and SetRelativeScale3D.

None of the values I use for the Timeline tracks are subject to change, so I expect the exact same outcome every time the Timeline node is executed. However, every time I run PIE, the results are slightly different - with all Timelines!
Obviously this is not what I want to happen, I need the Timeline nodes to execute movement and rotation with the exact given values.

How is this possible and is there any way to stop this from happening?
I’ve heard something about Timers being a better alternative, but I have no idea how to do that or if it will solve the issue.

Any help is appreciated!

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I am having the same issue, i made some platforms that go up and down and its varies in length in different PIE sessions. Havent found a fix yet

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I had the same issue and decided to do it a different way based off this post. Hope that helps