Why is this true bool not firing?

To make sure the target BP is connected to the true event I tested it on an event begin play and it works perfectly.

However, when I set the bool to a pain event it does not fire. To make sure the pain event was working I had it play a sound when it caused pain.

Is there any reason this bool will not fire from an event like a pain volume? What I was trying to do was get it to fire off from an on hit event but there is no way to see the graph when you are in VR hence the reason for setting up the pain volume. Either way it doesn’t work.

Edit: The target BP is using an event tick if that helps

Not a single image of it being set to false.
what is the default value and how are you cycling it?

Its default value is unticked and as far as I am aware you don’t need to set it to false for a hit event like a projectile. Anyway you can see the bool does work for an event begin play just not a projectile hit

Hello there @tcla75

You do need to call the “Apply Damage” event upon projectile collision. Where is the code to Apply Damage event on project collision?

Why am I calling the apply damage event? I tried anyway and it returns errors see below.


My fault. I overlooked the issue was with “Pain Causing Volume”. Matt has video for that node too. Unfortunately, I cannot see the entirety of the blueprint to know whats going on with the hit result, but if its not firing, blocking hit is FALSE. Check your Collision Channels Settings.