Why is this happening?

I don’t understand why this is happening, I’m just trying to make a box level with the ground, very simple. Why is this flickering occurring?

It’s z fighting with the grid, you can disable the grid.

It is leveled with the “ground”. It’s EXACTLY leveled with the ground, that’s why it’s flickering. Because they’re both trying to occupy the same space (hence, z-fighting).

I assume you captured the footage with the camera upside down, right? Well, is your character going to see it from below the ground? It wouldn’t make any sense if he did… but even if he did, you could slightly raise it above the ground, and let the SSAO/HBAO+ hide the gap.

This type of flickering occurs in 3ds Max, too, but they’re using splines to represent the grid instead of geometry, which makes it much less obvious. I guess you get used to it after a while.

PS: Please be more descriptive with your title next time. “Why is this happening?” isn’t very descriptive. A better title would have been “Why is there a flicker between a simple box and the grid?”.