Why is this happening?

As you can see, the movement/rotation gizmo is really weird and jittery and low quality.

the movement of the viewport camera is also jittery and so is actor movement, and there’s weird flashing etc.

Basically everything is weird and shaky. The one thing I can say is that on this map I have a very large actor for the landscape, so I don’t know if this is a bug with scale or what…

Here are some examples:

looks cool - as in people get paid lots of money to do these effects on purpose :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway, check your scalability settings. It could be that it defaulted to lower then what you are used to because of the auto adjustment.

Can’t say I have ever seen it acting this bad in editor though. so it could be an editor to gfx issue or something hardware related as well, possibly.
Telling me your specs won’t help much.

Found the answer: I was too far away from the origin point [0,0,0]

very cool.
There are a few world origin shifting things you could set up, but the easiest thing is probably save a copy of the map and remove landscape components to make the size smaller / re-center the area of interest near 0,0,0.