Why is ThirdPersonCharacter unvalid?

When I connect ‘PlayerTransformMySaveGame’ to ‘spawntransform’ SpawnActor ThirdPersonCharacter Function returns fail.

However if I split sturct pin and set any value(should be not the null) to ‘SpawnTransformLocation’, then It works.
What’s the problem with the ‘Transform’ and ‘X: 0 , Y:0, Z:0’ value ?

The spawn actor node wont work unless you either split the pin ( you don’t need to give a value ), or provide a transform. It’s just so you don’t forget to say where you want the player…

Well, eventhough I split the pin, It only works when I give a value. And the value must not be a X : 0, Y: 0 Z:0.

And There’s another problem. I gave a value there but It works only once.(Successfully spawn)
However after loading the level tweice, the SpawnActer ThirdPersoncharacter returns unvalid reference.