Why is there only a disable player movement blueprint?

Im trying to get it so when the player opens a widget by pressing a button their movement is disabled, it worked perfectly when the widget is opened because there is a “Disable Movement” blueprint but there is no “Enable Movement” WHY!? Why have the ability to disable something but not the ability to re-enable it!?

Because API developers are not 100% logical.
Some things are just built by multiple programmers and is inevitable to have some level of a mess at some point.

Because Disable Movement simply sets the Movement to NONE. A counterpart to this would be useless, because you could be in every Movement Mode (Walking, Flying, Swimming etc.) before disabling it.

You should disable Input, not Movement though.

This wouldnt work, because if I dsiable input everything breaks, there is no way to close the widget as it disables the button that controls opening and closing it