Why is there no "Cast to..." in 4.3?

Hey Guys

I’m using 4.3 and there are no “Cast to …” for any classes except player controller. I’ve tried in multiple blueprints, with and without context sensitive setting. Think this is a bug, unless I’m doing something wrong.

Seems to be working for me. I’ve got casts to MyGame, MyCharacter, MyPlayerController, and NewWidgetBlueprint… I haven’t tried any others, but those are working fine. Maybe try a fresh fork/sync and recompile editor?

I’m actually re-downloading it now, so will see after this. Thanks anyway

I am using 4.4.2, and I also only got “cast to player controller”. What’s your result?

Hey all,

In order for a cast to work, you need a reference to cast to. In most cases, you won’t see an option to cast when searching unless you are pulling off a reference node. Let me know if you have any specific instances where it isn’t working, preferably with an image, and I can show you how it should work.

Hope that helps!