Why is there a duplicate character when I start the level?

Hello, I’m a beginner and I’ve just reached a wall. I don’t know what I am supposed to do (literally have not idea). It’s a bit weird and I don’t know how to explain this but I provided some pics of the blueprint and the problem and game mode.
On the third picture, the red circled one is the character I’m playing with and controlling, the blue one tho is the duplicate and is just there with an animation but i have no control of it as it was a static mesh.
Thank you, help is appreciated and sorry if things weren’t clear.

There is a duplicate character because you placed one in the level. When you hit play, the game mode gives you a default pawn class and spawns it in the world, assigning you control for it. The one that was placed in the level has no controller.

Delete it from your level.

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or if you want to posses the one in the level and not spawn another then you just need to set auto posses to player 0 in the details panel

Thanx for the help, i really appreciate that