Why is there a chat in the Epic Games Launcher

Why is there chat support in the unreal launcher? What are the plans? While the chat looks nice, it also looks pretty bare at the same time. Why was this made instead of incorporating Steam chat? I suppose it’s to support group chats in the development team, and if so, my best bet is that it will get better support for groups later on etc.

Hah - I didn’t even notice that.

Having their own chat is better because it ties in with their system and these forums - and everyone using Unreal Engine has it. Not everyone has Steam, and even if they did you’d have to get people to share Steam IDs.

Where? I cant see a chat… But if they include one, they should use the unrealengine irc.

Click on the friends button - select a friend - chat :slight_smile:

I think the chat was added, because this launcher will be for the UE, UT and Fortnite -> something like a own steamlike platform

Uuh this may only be the first step to a “steamlike platform”! Epic is always surprising is with new announcements, imagine they would put up a whole platform like steam where you can put your games for only 5% royality instead of the 30% Steam takes. This would be awesome :rolleyes:

The chat support and friends system was built for Fortnite and Unreal Tournament, but it’s part of the launcher rather than being tied to the games, so I guess you could use it for the engine as well.

could be very useful for teams working on a project that has members in different locations to each other:).

It will help the dev communication between the members, it’s not bad.

While other ways of communication can distract you, this one have the opportunities to be more targeted one.

Add a voice chat + a way to share files, then it will be perfect for small indie teams :smiley:

A group chat would be nice as well :slight_smile:

Which chat I cant see any chat when I select one of my friends??