Why is the Unreal Web Browser so slow in comparison to any real web browser?

I’ll elaborate: I have to demonstrate multiple web browser screens within my Unreal 5 demo. Each screen will display a different UI/page I’ve made in HTML5. I have 5 screens total in my level and each screen pings my web server for data which I made using ASP.NET Core. When my level loads, sure enough, I see my web pages load, but I noticed that there are noticeable lags in each of my screens and there are text fields in my web sites that should be updating but they are not!

One example is that the button click animation for some of the buttons take a lot of time to show (a simple shadow on hover, a glow effect when the user clicks on it, etc). And sometimes I don’t see any button animation, period.

Stranger still is that whenever I open a web browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) and enter the url for one of my websites they work great! No lag, my buttons are super responsive, and I can see text updating just fine.

But in Unreal everything is super slow for me. Why is that?

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Apparently the web browser is not hardware accelerated and is still just using the CPU. This may explain why. I’m currently running into this problem where I want to create a UI using web tech but I can’t because the browser is so slow. I’m gonna do it anyways because that I’m faster that way but it’s kind of disappointing.