Why is the ue4 not support the android OpenGL ES 3.1+ aep for tegra k1?


i don’t understand. Why is the UE4 not support the android OpenGL ES 3.1+ Android Extension Pack for tegra k1?

like this:

Why is no one interested?
This is weird !!!:confused:

Merge support from Nvidia into main branch for Tegra K1 device support (full OpenGL4 in Android), as well as the new ES3.1 and Android Extension Pack that we demoed at Google IO

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We are working here on K1 / ES3.1 game and there are some freezes when reloading levels (restart level, open level) that we can’t track down…it would be nice to get full K1 / es3.1 support soon because it’s looking really really awesome.

On the Trello it says “DONE: 4.5”, and yeah - the support is there, but I think that Epic haven’t tested it to much.

Hey intoxicat3,

If you have done so already ignore me. But I also have an interest in the K1 platform. Do you think you could provide Epic with further information so they can try track any stability issues. The community is the biggest asset Epic have for tracking android bugs (collectively we have a much wider range of devices then they can possibly have), but only if we send all the information necessary for them to make use of it. Can you send them details on your device model, software versions and crash logs, and any other information such as when it occurs, how to re-produce if you can, etc. The more info they have from us the better platform support will be.

Thanks, it will help us all. :slight_smile:

hey intoxicat3

my tegra K1 / ES2 worked with tadp 2.0r8 but K1 / ES3.1 with android lollipop tadp 3.04 the last one not worked with unreal engin 4.5.1 or GitHub, the Unreal Engine source promoted.
i don’t see es3.1 . there is Plan to fix this problem .

I just bough nvidia tablet for unreal on android. My old samsung could not deliver dynamic lights. I am waiting for unreal to support that hardware.

Got that tablet finaly, it renders much better than old Galaxy Tab,

But i have question how do i check (on device) what type of rendering it uses?

When you run the game, if you tap the screen with 4 fingers at once, a dialog will pop up. This dialog is usually used to enter a console command (like stat fps), but it will also display the formats that your device supports. Once you have that list, you can use that to choose a more ideal type when deploying/packaging.

The problem is that I would need to send whole project (3GB) because there aren’t any crash logs - it’s a freeze of the engine which we have tried to catch, but it’s so hard. (one of threads is just freezing when reloading level. With blank project/samples everything is working correctly so this is content based issue I think, but it’s working on ES2/PC without a problem)

For my opinion Epic should have a small team (3-5 people) who will make small AAA graphics games on Mobile because mobile is changing dynamically and to fast. I don’t want to send every project to Epic every time we have a problem.

Basically there should be another small team which will make 2d unlit games using the Engine. Epic said couple of months ago that they will rebuild Tappy Chicken to UMG/Paper2d - and I can’t see this is happening.

Two small teams shouldn’t be big investment for Epic if they will boost stability of the engine on Mobiles. Another thing is that if you are doing more games / more different types of games you can see lot’s of things that can be fixed in the Engine. Samples are just to small to test out whole development process.

Just a thought.