Why is the root motion feature not allowing my character to climb?

Hi all,

I’m new to UE4 systems, got a problem with this root motion feature. I have a character that is needed to climb an object if they were to collide. I’ve got most it covered except for the part that when playing animMontage, it doesn’t climb it at all!

here is what I’ve been doing inside blueprints and also a demonstration of the problem.

thanks in advance.

Link to video demonstration :

Is your root motion set up correctly?

First of all, in your animation file, the root bone should move or root motion won’t have any effect at all.

What does the Climb function do? How does it play the Anim Montage? Are the root motion options checked in the montage? What direction does the root bone move to?

i believe i did set up correctly. first of all yes i did check two root motion check boxes in animMontage Persona. secondly climb function only calls “Montage Play” in animation blueprint. check out the picture


Make sure your in and out transitions are set to 0 this will make sure it processes all frames in the animation right now it looks like its blending too far into the animation and not processing all of the vertical displacements.

in animation transition is set to 0.1 , out animation transition is set to 0

ok , got it right, it seems for character to move in z-axis , you should enable flying mode and also after a animation time long delay, return it to walking mode. that did it for me. thanks all.

if you were happened to have better solution, please let me know, regards.


Thank you so much; it seems z axis root translation is totally ignored in walking mode; I lost 2 days before finding your post, this obviously should be in the documentation

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