Why is the recursion limit so low?

Hi and thanks for stopping by,

We’ve had a “crash” in the editor because we were over the RECURSE_LIMIT defined in ScriptCore.cpp.

Thing is, this is tested if DO_BLUEPRINT_GUARD is true, which is only defined if we’re not in shipping.

So we were wondering why this value was so low (250 here), and how dangerous it could be to multiply it by 10 (for example).

Thanks again, and have a nice day.

Hi Sylvain,

I believe it was set at the number that it’s at because it’s what worked for our internal projects - we needed a baseline and that’s what worked for us. We don’t want it to be too high, because if you are caught in runaway recursion you catch it earlier (without hanging).

Feel free to modify it. Personally, I’d like to see it made into a config variable that you can set through the project settings ini. That might make people feel more comfortable with altering it.

Thanks for the answer mike, have a nice end of week.