Why is the FREE Action RPG no longer availabe on the Marketplace?

Wowwwww. I just learned that in 2020, this complete game was free for everyone to learn from.

  • Now in 2022, my development has been set back months from learning information that was already out there (watching other people’s incomplete tutorials that show how to do a basic thing - but then they end the vid and dont show how to add the sounds, emitters, etc - while this asset had everything: sounds, emitters, visuals for EACH tech used).
  • And I’ve had to spend $300 on paid assets from other people who in 2020, were given this tech for free by Epic > to then sell to us in 2022??
  • Why is this no longer free??? That seems very unfair.

ARPG was built from the ground up to help Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) developers learn more about how to use UE4 to develop High-End mobile games for both Android and iOS.

Can someone from Epic please respond, and someone from Marketplace put it back? I wish to have this for UE4.27. Thank you. (It wont even let me click to download.)

Also you should 2x have this available for UE4.27 because you released a free game for UE5. Thus you’re discriminating against UE4x and those who stay in that engine while bugs/incompatible assets are fixed in UE5.

Please help those who create in 2022. It seems like everything is more dead now, people left. So it is of your benefit to help people like me who are still creating. I created in your engine since UE1, before there was a # in the name! I came back in 2022, and want to create - but first I need examples of the new tech to learn from. Thank you.

every project in the Samples tab of epic launcher is available to me for free.

what do you see on the ARPG landing page? Sometimes you need to refresh or close out of the launcher for the download button to refresh.


Thanks for the reply. Is it still showing you this one for free?
It tells me Not for sale.

I have UE4.27.2. No prior versions. Is it a bug (to deny my attempt to buy) because that says for UE4.27.0?? (But this wouldnt make sense because I see other free UE4.26 assets that I did buy free, just that I didnt use them.)

Or a bug (if it’s showing to you) that people in 2022 cant buy (free)?

For clarification: I see this on the website. I havent looked on the Launcher.

Thank you. FYI everyone else: This is the solution to a bug.
On the website it says Not for Sale.
But if I search the name in the Launcher, it said Free (click to download).

So Epic, was this a bug? Or on purpose - to only give this Big content to loyal UE fans (who would be using the Launcher)? I use the website since it’s easier to see.

Hey there @XxNotAGamerxX! This is definitely a bug, majority of the user base uses the web store because they can open multiple tabs at once while shopping around. There should be parity between the two at all times. I’ll go ahead and submit this bug to the marketplace team. If you come across any more marketplace bugs in the future, you can use this link to report them, thanks!



Thanks for the support and official answer, and the original Epic asset :slight_smile:
Im happy this was solved. Only sad that I wasnt aware of this sooner.

  • [I think this asset may have not been showing in my webpage search results since it was not showing as for sale. I only found out from a Youtube tutorial.]

Ahhh I figured out what occurred! Taking a look, it seems they migrated the asset to a new page, probably when it became officially deprecated. New link looks like this it seems!


Thank you. I already ‘bought.’ So I opened in a private browser, and it says sign in to download (which I assume means it is showing as available now).

Yep, I was looking at the URLs and realized that the one linked in the video you watched was unavailable, but then the object in the marketplace that’s visible now is this link. So they probably migrated it on original deprecation for some reason. Happy learning!