Why is the engine so unresponsive and shit so far?

hear me out ._.

people everywhere ‘lmao you’re using unity thats for shit kids use unreal 4’ after seeing a few vids on YouTube i decided it was a good decision considering i make fps games and unity is mainly focused on mobile (but is also very good at 3D fps games dont get me wrong).

So i download this engine - takes 9 hours total(shit internet). after installing i open the engine. im immediately pissed off, drop down menus not responding(nothing shows) right clicking in ‘Blueprints’ does absolutely nothing but show labels it doesn’t show the actual drop menus and sub-menus.

i’ve searched for a resolution for the past hour to no avail.

i’ve got a high performance computer especially built for game and music development. Unity 5 ran without flaws(and have been on unity for 3 years)but with its graphical limitations. Unreal on the other hand ran very poorly and crashed my pc twice by completely freezing my taskbar.

the engine is up to date so dont give me the answer i seen everywhere “update to newest version”, its on newest. someone please give me a resolution to this embarrassing error for whats apparently the “best free game engine for FPS development”. i want this engine to work as ive seen insane tutorials on YouTube and its impeccable graphics. The games made using unreal are no doubt ahead of Unity in the 3D world.

IM NOT SHIT TALKING THE ENGINE, im simply pointing out its got horrible ui responsiveness

What are your PC stats? If you have a laptop with a dedicated graphics card it might be using the integrated Intel GPU and that won’t work well. I’ve found that I have to set the laptop to use the Nvidia GPU for everything rather than hoping it knows which GPU to use.

Before you go and blame the engine, you might want to consider the possibility that your computer cannot handle it. Big boy graphics need big boy hardware. From the sounds of it, your “high performance computer specifically built for game and music development” was just a sales trick for people who know nothing about hardware. What exactly does it take to make a computer “specifically” designed for game and music dev? Nothing at all. A good processor and GPU are needed for any graphics/number crunching heavy task. Before you go and rant about the engine, learn how hardware works and build yourself a PC rather then asking a best buy employee which computer makes music the best. I just finished a computer build that calculates 24 hour lighting builds in minutes. I don’t think its the engine.