Why is the emitter always facing the camera?

I m trying to make some kind of fog in a cemetery. I m happy with the result of my emitter, but it’s always facing the camera and when I move around the effect is really bad. I mean since it faces the camera, the illusion of fog doesn t work. it looks like a sprite moving. I cannot use the screen alignement since I m using a subuv movie. I m using square since it s the only one that works. Is there another way to stop making it face the camera?

Hey Pirhos -

Add an Orientation >> Lock Axis Module and set the Lock Axis Flags to Z and you should get a nice level fog effect. You will want to make sure that your material uses Depth Fade, tutorial available here

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I got the same problem as Pirhos, and your soloution didn’t help. The meshes still always facing the camera.

If you are using an actual mesh and not sprites (planes generated in Cascade) then you will need to adjust the Mesh Module Orientation settings in the Mesh Module and not use the Lock Axis Module.

I have the same problem: it is a ribbon attached to a socket in a vehicle.
The ribbon is created in Cascade but no matter what I do it always faces the camera.
I’ve tried to lock axis or rotation, add rotation, change PSA but no luck: the result is always the same.
I’m trying to make tire marks but when the camera (attached to the vehicle) moves particles always rotate to face camera.