Why is the Editor hanging when Android tools are installed. 4.0.2.?

4.0.2 Editor hangs with the android toolkit installed. Changing Android_home to Android_home_hold makes the editor work again. This is with no device attached. I haven’t tried with a device attached.

Running in visual studio sees it wanting to hang while reading from the pipe after calling ADB while apparently looking for a device. That could be a statistical thing simply because it takes longer.

Hi Ralph,

We have noticed regular hitches (every few seconds) in the Editor due to ADB running. In the upcoming 4.1 update the Android device discovery will be multi-threaded, so those hitches will no longer happen. If your Editor currently locks up for more than a brief moment, that would not be expected - please let me know, thanks!

It locks up hard and won’t respond to any user input. If running in VS2013, I can see it running through what may be the game loop polling ‘stuff’ including ADB. I can generate a call stack if that would help.

My suspicion is that the device polling is taking longer than 5 seconds, so that it basically never lets the editor do much.

If you’re rebuilding the editor, you can always try increasing the poll rate in the FAndroidTargetPlatform constructor. Change the AddTicker call to something like 30 and see if things improve?

Nope, no apparent change at all. It does respond if I wait long enough, but it’s a long time, minutes per mouse click. I followed the instructions and installed NVPack in setting things up.

Actually plugging in an android device makes no apparent difference.

Apparently it’s not just my PC. Someone else has reported the same issue.


I am going to mark this one as accepted since it has been resolved in an upcoming build. Please let us know if the fix does not help and we will be happy to reopen this and furhter assist you.