Why is the editor acting up and being slow?

I’ve been having problems with the editor being too slow, like it’s lagging or dropping several frames. The games run fine when I’m testing even in PIE or Standalone, it’s just that whenever I select any menu or go into a blueprint or the content editor, man it just start lagging as hell. Sometimes it registers clicks after a few 0.X seconds and the mouse movement is too slow.

I think I have a more than capable machine and it hasn’t always been like this.

My specs are:

  • I7 6700k @4.4Ghz
  • 32GB of Ram @3000Mhz
  • Gtx 1080
  • 1Tb SSD (W: 512Mb/s) Sata 3
  • Mouse at 6k dpi, 1ms polling (I think)

I’m posting this in bug reports as I didn’t knew which section to use.

Nvidia has that gaming overlay thingy (GeForce experience?), can’t recall precisely. I’ve seen mentions of UI conflicts. Try disabling it and see if it helps.

So far seems like disabling the overlay worked. Will update if it slows down again.