Why is the "console commands" box now the "search for help" box in 4.5?

Hey guys,

yeah, the title aready says it^^ I was wondering, because even if I like the help function, its not really nice workflow wise to not be able to quickly enter different commands there :frowning:
I know I can show the output window and there is a console command box, but that thing takes away too much of the screen, just want my old box back^^

Let me know what you guys think about it (and pleeeeaase tell me if there already is an option to bring it back^^, was looking through the preferences but did not find anything)


BTW: 4.5 is awesome! Keep it rocking :slight_smile:

Try pressing ~ (;.

Argh…its not working on a german keyboard :smiley: But remapping works fine…thanks man!

****…but its really annoying that it adds the key you pressed into it as well :S