Why is the client pawn stuttering after collision with other pawn?

I came across this issue on a project I’m working on and decided to test it on a fresh template. The issue is, on the client, I walk into the other pawn my pawn begins to stutter and the animation plays incorrectly. (See attached video)

I thought at first it was an issue with something I did in my project but seeing as I can easily replicate it in a default project I’m wondering if it is a bug and if there is a good solution. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Also, everything is being done on a listen server currently but the issue did happen on a dedicated server as well.

Video link: - YouTube

I think I figured a solution. Will test and then update.
Also tick character replicate movement to false

I can confirm that the solution posted works. If you are using a 2d blendspace you will also want to replicate speed, rotation, and velocity as variables then put them into the Anim BP and plug those into “Calculate Direction” and the Speed variable in the Anim BP

Okay, so this fixes it in editor but in the packaged game it makes things much worse. I’m at a loss…