Why is the character porting back?

I got a problem with switching characters. I can switch them in the game but if I press the button the new character is at the start point again and not on the location where the old character was.How can I fix it?

My first guess would be that the code after the Destroy node is not executed since this actor will be Pending Kill.
You should see some errors in the log.

Consider moving the Destroy node to the end of the execution chain so everything else has a chance to fire first.

It does the same thing even with moving the destroy node to the end or middle. There are not any errors in the log.

Try using the characters’s transform rather than the controller’s. Maybe? Not sure.

It’s meaningless trying to get the transform of the player controller as far as I know; it doesn’t have a physical form and is not in the same location as the player character (as far as I know, the player controller doesn’t actually move). Get the transform from the player character instead before you destroy it.