Why is the box line moving but not the box?

Hi, good day…

I tried to adjust the box to left but the box line (Orange) only move and not the box (using Alt+Arrow key).


Note: UE4.4.1

Hey -

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been able to reproduce this behavior and have submitted this issue to our internal tracking system for investigation. If you are using Alt + arrow keys to move bps in your level you will be able to see it update to the new location by rebuilding geometry.


Yes, not updated new location, and if select again this object the box have two layer, one for solid box and one is line color orange. Same attached photo. Thanks

Rebuilding geometry should update the position of the BSP after moving it. I’ve included an image to show where to go to build geometry. Hope this helps and good luck in your project.


thanks… i hope next update will solve this issue, without build geometry use…:wink: