Why is the Begin Begin Play event firing in PIE but not in Standalone Game?

I’m trying to register an object to an array when it gets created. Said array is located on the Gamemode blueprint. So the nodes go something like BeginPlay->GetGameMode->GetArray->AddSelf. Blueprints, however, is reacting quite bizarrely.

First, Whenever I start up the editor, it initially tells me there’s a compile error where array[object’self’] is incompatible with array[object’CustomBlueprint_C’], but when I push the compile button, it compiles fine.

Next, if I try to play in editor twice, everything crashes, but the first time it runs, everything seems to be working.

Lastly, by use of the PrintString function, I have determined that the event doesn’t seem to fire at all when I play via Standalone Game (which, incidentally, doesn’t crash like the PIE does).

The object in question exists in a sub-level that gets streamed in during initialization.

Turns out that the crux of my problem was a tick dependency problem, and the GetAllActorsOfClass was still working and didn’t actually need replacement. However, I think the adding self to an array compile problem still warrants looking into.

I actually have this same error, but it the Event Begin Play is not happening for any of the actors I have placed in the world in the standalone version of it. In the PIE, everything is working as it should though. Any suggestions?

EDIT: I just discovered Event Begin Play is working, but the behavior tree of the AI characters do not seem to be doing anything until an event occurs such as seeing the player or hearing something. They should be patrolling an area - walking around from waypoint to waypoint - but they stand still at the position they are placed at in the game world until another event happens. Any reason why this only happens in a packaged project, and not in the PIE?