Why is the Async Load Asset node not working?


why is this not working? MyActor is a simple blueprint actor, NewVar_7 is a soft object reference to this actor.

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NewVar_7 is variable that references a My Actor, not actually a My Actor. See the default value at the bottom right of your pic? It says None.

But then this “Async Load Asset” makes no sense because if I set a default value for New Var 7, it gets automatically loaded when BeginPlay is called (or even before it - I don’t know). Anyway, New Var 7 would contain a valid reference to a MyActor in BeginPlay if I would set a default value for it, so for my understanding it’s then already loaded.

You wouldn’t use it that way because if you are referencing an actor that is already in the level and that level is loaded then the actor would also be loaded. What you would do is have a Soft Class reference to My Actor and then Async Load that class reference and plug that into a Spawn Actor node.

I think you might be confused by that Skeletal Mesh bug you encountered. Not all Soft Obj References are automatically loaded (atleast not the ones I’ve been using so far).