Why is SkeletalMesh scaled and deformed when Sharing animations?

Hello, Ive been suffering from this problem sense the beginning, and i have yet to find the answer to why this happens. I have a character i made using the mixamo skeleton that character looks as i want it to look. However i made another character that uses the same skeleton but when i set it under the same skeleton name, animations play fine but the mesh the skin of the new character is larger bones are flipped and scaled larger and i didnt even do that. What is causing this problem how can i fix this problem?
I posted this on ue4 answer hub but no one is answering nun of my questions so i posted here to see if there is still hope here is link for pictures Why is SkeletalMesh scaled and deformed when Sharing animations? - UE4 AnswerHub

Though, I did not used Mixamo since roughly two years, but at the time some of the newer models had a different skeleton. Which either require a dedicated skeleton or need to be retargeted.

I appreciate your reply I really do, but I found out the problem, so ue4 has this thing where it called weights or something where it trys to basically fit a too small or to big shoe. I looked back to my old character and realized it was in centimeters in blender that’s 0.1 my new character was in inches so I exsperimented with the sizes I put the character in inches and it looked like a skinny alien however it was the same height as the player then I put it in centimeters and it kept its shape the problem was not in ue4 it was wrong weights.