Why is PostProcess different on mobile and PC?

I created post process material, which looks like depth fog. It looks like nice on PC, but as for mobile (Android ES 3.1), the background is black (fully transparent). How to solve it?


  1. Post Process Fog Material

  2. Screenshot while rendering without ES3.1 Preview

  3. Screenshot while rendering with ES3.1 Preview

  4. Screenshot rendered without ES3.1 Preview (need to be)

  5. Screenshot rendered with ES3.1 Preview

  1. Post Process Materials for mobile applications can only fetch from PostProcessInput0 (Scene Color), Scene Depth, Custom Depth, and Custom Stencil with the following Blendable Locations.

^^ Example.

  1. Set Blendable Location To Before Tonemapping

  2. Enable Mobile HDR

  3. r.mobile.tonemapperfilm=1 to the Rendering Settings section of your project’s DefaultEngine.ini file.

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