Why is OnLine learning so limited and weak?

Learning is the best way to introduce the beginner to using UE4 and create their games, but it is very limited nowadays. The classes you have are simple and almost always do not help in the real scenario.
For example, there is no course on Locomotion and advanced locomotion. Why? This is too basic and there is not in any UE4 learning. You all need to understand that have a great portal of all types of classes is what makes the tool accessible and powerful.

For example, a UI course should not be limited to one common example, but several cool examples. Don’t have a team to develop these videos? It’s Simple! just ask for contributors, persons that want to contribute and pass the rules that there will certainly be hundreds of very talented people to help. It is Serious, if UE4 thinks its Learning is good, they are sadly mistaken and what bothers me most is that it is very simple to make it truly and effectively perfect. From the moment that someone has to be hunting on Youtube for a tutorial to learn something that the engine does, it shows the lack of content in Learning. Please take this into account. If you need my help to build a perfect portal I will do it for free. It is time for UE4 to really take seriously what a learning portal is.


Mind you there are barely any courses that will prepare you for the real thing. This is true for 99% of ttopics.

We do not need 99%, 50% is totally possible for excellent Online Learning and it is not at all difficult to achieve this.

Thanks man! I did that now!

Hi everyone. Thanks for this input. We are always evaluating what courses should or should not be created. We seek to strive a balance of easily consumable, voice of the industry, relevant to the prescribed course descriptions and “Epic” quality.

I’ll take your comments our various content teams and see where we can make things better and clearer.

Please , there are sereval ways to archive what you say with community contribution.
They just need direction. Everyone would be happy to contribute and only a review of the content would be needed. There a lot of genious out there. Use this power. Great ideas and opportunities are lost due to the difficulty we have in accessing good tutorials. Many friends of mine migrated to Unity because of this (I was unable to do this, but I almost went there several times, for the same reason) Be sure to not pass this opportunity to change and make it become what it should be or leave these ideas lost and without direction. The Knowledge Base is the most important. Without it you only generate demotivation. You need to have a good foundation. Blueprint needs to go hand in hand with C ++. Several examples are needed on the same topic (The time I spent learning how to skip a block with that **** root motion) And this is ultra basic. Anyway. Help us to help you. We have ideas, energy, proposals and all this can achieve high quality at a low cost. The community needs Learning that really teaches. Good luck and in need of ideas and solutions, you can count on us.