Why is one of my images completely wrong color?

Any idea as to what goes wrong? The images are both .PSD-files. I have also tried with .PNG and .TGA, same results.

I really don’t get it! I have both images in the same Photoshop file, and one version for each. I import them the same. I made new progress bars, linked them to the same variable. Still, the blue one looks right, and the red one is completely wrong.

The colors display right when used for the progress bar background, but wrong when used for the progress bar “fill image”. I need a way to make them look right as fill images, though. :confused:


Hah! I actually solved it :smiley:
I had to change “fill color and opacity” under apperance to white.

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This is exactly what got me today, thank you for helping me catch this before I burned my project to the ground.