Why is OnClicked not firing when I click my object?

I am trying to create a player controller for my main menu level.

  • I have enabled the mouse and mouse events on the player controller.
  • I have created a game mode that uses my new player controller.
  • I have set the world to use the new game mode
  • I have changed GameMode override under world settings.

Whenever I click on my objects their event graph events arent firing when i debug it. Am I missing a step?

Here is my Level EventGraph:

Here is my scene:

Ok one thing I’ve noticed is that my GameMode doesnt have an Input section and the example does. How do I get this to show up?



I’m not sure why the difference between the example and yours. However, just before ship we did a pass on categories and hid a bunch that didn’t seem necessary.

That said, I suspect that your problem is that you need to enable the mouse events in your player controller properties.

I wish that were the case, but i believe i have it set already.

This may help though: I can get a click event to fire for my tree. And the tree has a 'Collision section in the details, whereas my buttons (which are copies of the Commentary_Box from the Blueprints Example Demo minus the little i symbol) and the box brush do not have these settings in the details window.

So I dont know if this is exactly what I would call a solution, but by converting brushes to Meshes (select a brush, go to details, click the down arrow under brush settings to see extended settings, and choose create static mesh) the events will now fire.

Warning converting you object to a static mesh will mess up your texture mapping. Or it did to mine anyway.

I had the same problem, and this was the same solution.

after a hole day fixing this problem i realised that , in my mobile project actor on click function dont work , if ur project is for mobile try “event begin input touch” cause player cant click at mobile device or mouse over !

i tried to change to Desktop then the function on click worked

This worked for me, thank you!

no problem mate any question about unreal engine i m ready