why is my widget removed when opening a new level


when i’m opening a new level my widget is gone, is it possible that it stays there until a call remove all widgets?

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do you have any idea on how i can still have the widget after open level without adding it again?

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Hey there, if you are using open level to to go from level A to level B then almost everything will be gone to save memory except some specific classes like Game Instance.

I don’t think you can maintain the same instance alive after a open level. What type of widget are we talking here? If i get more info i might be able to think of something.

im will add a loading screen when travelling to a new map when all players are travelled and some stuff is setup i want to remove the loading screen

Check this or this

ok i will give it a try, but i guess this more something thats since UE4.18 i think in UE4.16 the widget was persistant

Let me know how it goes.

as expected its immediately gone after travel :frowning:

i don’t know, i will let you know if i need help.

Ah i didn’t read correctly what you wanted, i apologize. You want to remove the loading screen only when all players have travelled. For this to work you need to show the loading screen immediately at begin play of the character. Then on the game mode you override the OnPostLogin function and do this:

On the for loop you remove the loading screen for all players. Btw is this a single player or multiplayer game?

Do you need help with that?

Surething let me know. If you get it to work please don’t forget to mark the answer as correct and upvote if you found it helpful :slight_smile:

ok it worked with adding a bool “loading” to my game instance now i need to implement some logic for removing the loading screen when everything is ready.

thanks for helping me

the only problem i still have is when a client joins the map his loading screen is gone for a sec and then pops back up, any idea on how to fix this “xlar8or” this is really ugly as i mentioned before it needs to stay until everything is setup.

Where are you setting the create widget? Begin play of player controller or character?

in the game instance when server travel is called then i add it and set the loading bool to true when players are joining the map its called a second time(because
it was removed when joining a new level) from the begin play in the Character class

Try doing that in the begin play of the controller, because the controller is created first.

it still gives me the same result