Why is my widget data not properly displaying the text I set for my second widget?

Hi all,

Please bear with me as I repeat myself to explain I am a fashion student building a project so I am very new in blueprinting. I have a general understanding of how to fix things and how they work but I get tripped up by small things. I am following Ryan 's Quest Tutorial at step 6. Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Quest System - Part 6 Accepting Quests - YouTube I have successfully created the interactions and widgets between the actor and character to display widgets where I can reference data from the bound text inputs of a single actor.

(See attached images)

Everything has worked properly, even my previous data inputs in creating the widget that creates the quest. This data is supposed to display on another widget that loads my tasks.

I have created the text (bound to the name of the quest) widget to display the name of the quest within a scroll box which I can input into a separate actor. It is supposed to display in the quest log as a button with the name. I have set the widget boundaries I am certain for the actual display. I think this is a blueprint issue, I see two other people struggled with the same problem and no solution.

As you can see, I can get the button to show up, but the main task does not. I tried looking at how I displayed the other texts and its very similar.

Please let me know if you may have a solution for me, I am so grateful!

alt text