Why is my view at a random location?

Basically, I want to make a Main Menu screen that shows a front view of the player character without actually letting the player control the character in any way (the character is only there for the visual)

I built the level, and i have the Set View Target with Blend node set up correctly (I’m 100% sure of this) attached to BeginPlay, but when I start the level the camera is always at a spot that is not where my CameraActor is placed. To be clear, it is at the same spot consistently, but I have no idea why it is at this spot. If this helps, in my game mode I have the default pawn class set to none to prevent the player from spawning when the level is loaded.

What am I doing wrong??

Well without seeming any of your setup I can’t tell for certain, but are you possessing the CameraActor? In the details panel on the side I would set it to auto possess on spawn or placed. I hope this helped.