Why Is My Video Texture Choppy When Rendered Out in 360?

Hey all,

I’m having trouble rendering out a smooth video texture from matinee. Usually I have no problems but I’ve started to use two different 360 camera plugins that people have made for UE4 and my video texture drops frames and comes out rendered choppy like a GIF.

It’s weird because in the editor everything is fine - it’s the rendering of the 360 projection that is causing the video texture to drop frames.

Is there any way to force a video texture to render one frame of video to one frame of render regardless of intensity like you can with -benchmark? I’ve tried rendering with command line with a .bat file but it’s the same problem. I suppose I could composite the video texture in in post but I’m trying to do everything in one go.

Have a 1024x1024 .avi video texture with an opacity channel
Video texture is put on a plane and placed in the environment
I go to matinee and render out a 360 video using multiple different 360 plugins
Video is choppy, environement animation is not choppy.
How can I make the video not choppy?

Help is appreciated.

MediaTextures aren’t supported in Matinee and Sequencer yet, sorry. It’s on the to-do list.

Thanks gmpreussner.

You are right, 360 or not, media textures are rendering out choppy from Matinee.

Matinee will never be supported. There is no update for Sequencer support yet. We’re trying to get this in for GDC. But first we’re working on performance improvements as 4k 360 video is way too slow right now.

Any updates on a fix for rending out MediaTextures? It’s pretty devastating not being able to.

Any update on this?

Would be great if we could get video textures to render at the same frame rate as the level rendering out of sequencer.

UDK used to do this great.