Why is my vehicle not moving and wheels are broken?

If not mistaken looks like the wheels tied to your vehicle velocity and the component to the inputs, you need to show us the code to pinpoint the issue tough.

Hey everyone. I’m using an asset pack from the UE4 marketplace and I am setting up a wheeled vehicle. Everything seems to be set up correctly but when I try to move, the components of the vehicle move but the wheels stay where they are?

Does anyone know what is wrong or how this can be fixed?

Here are my inputs and hierachy in PHAT

This is all I have in my anim BP. Will i need similar logic that I would use in a normal char in its event graph? (have’t put anything in the event graph yet)

Show animation blueprint and animation states most of the work goes there

1.It can be something in the skeletal tree such as body constrains but I doubt it. 2.I am looking for the logic of the car it should be somewhere in the event graph is Event blueprint update animation empty as well? And double-tap on the Wheel handler as well need to check what inside.

Yeah my event graph in the anim blueprint is empty and this is the wheel handler details. I’ve posted up a picture of my wheels settings as well. Apologies, this is my first time attempting vehicles so it’s a bit of a learning curve for me.

Yeah sorry for bothering you so much with all the screenshots didn’t work much with vehicle animations, I looked at the normal vehicle template and by the looks of it its something in the skeleton tree, you can check the vehicle template and see what the difference there. Because from what you showed me all looks good, small question the car doesn’t move at all?

Yeah, it looks like it spins the wrong bones, but I think if you look at the demo you will be able to figure it out and the car not moving is something wrong in the BP but that should be an easy fix. Good luck.

It’s all good to ask, it’s fine to bother me with screenshots! :wink:

Nah the car doesn’t move at all unfortunately.

I’ll have a look at the skeleton tree in the demo and compare.

Okay so there’s no real difference in setup between my project and the demo. This is really confusing. I do get an error message now though.


Anyone else having this issue?

Have you tried following this tutorial. Could help you a lot. I’ve been using it when I started creating my game. But realized afterwards that it’s much better to create vehicle of my own :slight_smile: