Why is my Unreal Engine 4.6.0 not Launching?

I’ve been having some major problems getting Unreal Engine 4.6.0 to launch. I click the “Launch” button in the launcher and nothing happens. At all. This is a real problem as the team and I really need to get to work on learning the Engine soon. So if anyone has any advice to give me please do so.


Do you get any error from the Output Log?

I were unable to launch a project that were on an external hard drive while the installation of the UE4Editor 4.6 was on my internal SSD. Any parallels?


Hey BJFowl,

I’d like to see if the process is getting hung up with the Launcher, or if it’s the actual Editor itself. To bypass the Launcher, close it, and navigate to this windows folder location:

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Unreal Engine\4.6\Engine\Binaries\Win64\

Inside the folder, look for UE4Editor.exe and run it.

Make sure before you run it that you check your Windows Task Manager, and if there is any UE4 process still running, to terminate it.

Hello Mr. Ellis,
Yes I was planning to do that, but there’s a bit of an issue.


There is not Unreal Engine folder in the first place; at least not that I can see. Upon looking into the 4.6 folder I find this


Nothing whatsoever. No Binaries folder, nothing. So I am guessing this calls for a re-install?

Hmm. But you have previously used the launcher to download version 4.6, correct?

We’ve recently changed around the default install location. Can you also make sure you don’t have anything located at C:/Program Files/Unreal Engine/

Yes, I have used the Launcher to download Unreal 4.6.0 before. However; sadly there is nothing located at C:/Program Files/Unreal Engine/.

I cannot account for where else the files could be located, or what happened to them if not manually removed. Although if you have no engine files, it certainly explains not being able to launch the engine!

At this point, I suggest that you uninstall the Unreal Engine, and then manually go through and delete any remaining folders and files referencing it. Then, re-downloaded the latest installer from the unrealengine.com website, and start over.

Sorry for the troubles.