Why is my timer not working?

I realize I may not be going about this optimally because I’m very new, but I’m trying to implement a walking sound with the first person character provided in the blueprint template. The time set on the timer is the length of the audio clip so it can loop well if you’re walking. I have several questions.

One, why is the timer not repeatedly firing my sound?

Two, ever since I began this project, this particular blueprint will not light up strings between nodes to show me the data flow so I can debug. It has never worked and I can never find any answers anywhere as to how to enable that feature for this one blueprint.

You need to create a custom event and call it WalkSound, then plug that to the branch instead of the Timer. However, you should normally use anim notifies for footstep sounds if that is what you are doing.

I’m not using any animations or models. This is a very basic prototype of a game concept I’m doing to learn the engine, so this version of sound implementation is sufficient for my current purposes.

How do I set up the parameters of the custom event? I can create it, but I can’t put input events within it. Could you please show me an example of what you mean?

And also, do you know why I haven’t been able to see the data flow on the strings between the nodes?

Did this just now. Works perfectly, thank you, but I can’t help but think this isn’t how I should be doing it. tips?

and that data flow question is really important too, if you could help me with that.

Hmm, this wasnt how i meant and i dont even know how this setup works the way you like. Do this:

  • Get rid of the WalkSpeed function(blue node)
  • Unplug WalkSpeed custom event and then plug it to Branch node.
  • Create a Begin Play event again and connect it to the Timer like you did before
  • Unplug the Timer from the branch node.

For debug highlights; on the top toolbar you’ll see a Debug Filter with a dropdown list. Click on it and select the blueprint you want to debug and now it should work.

Okay. Thank you so much!