Why is my Timeline not reversing properly?

I am trying to reverse the timeline once this variable goes to false. When play starts the timeline goes normally. However, the problem is when reverse is called, the timeline seems to reset instead of actually reversing(goes to 0 sec immediately instead of going 2…1…0).

I read that timelines need only to be called once. Is this the problem?

You’re calling your timeline on tick. A time is ALREADY tick ( the update pin runs on tick ).

How can I do it better?

Just put a custom event to start the timeline.

At the moment, you’re starting the timeline every frame :slight_smile:

How can react to changes to the boolean variable? The behaviour iam trying to achieve is when IsOpen is true the door starts to open and closes when isOpen is False

Somewhere else in your script something is setting the value of that Boolean right? Try it like this:

If that does not help, do tell how that Open bool is handled.

How can react to changes to the boolean variable?

I mean, you can do this:


But I’m 99.8% sure that’s not what you need here.

Would be valid for multiplayer.

I did tried this setup but setting the variables was done in the tick.

Guess, Ill have to change the way I handle things.

Alternatively, look into how the DoOnce node works.

Sure thing,
Thank you!