Why is my third person character not active in other level?

Hello all,

I’m using ue4 for several months now and I’m finally getting it. I’ve learned the basic of the blueprints and with the help of the available video tutorials I’ve managed to create a simple basic playable level with trigger animations and so on for a Third person game. And everything worked fine. Then in the same project, in the basic third person example map, I made some other functionalities like a inventory system, pick up system, shooting system, sword attack and a fighting attack including a toggle to a FPS view. Everything is working pretty reasonable except for some minor bugs I have to sort out yet.
But now I wanted to make some adjustments in the main player level I’ve created before and shockingly I’m not able to use my third person character anymore! When I hit the play button the main editor camera is active and none of the blueprints from the third person( including TPS and FPS camera) is working anymore in that level. I don’t understand why this is happening.
Is it because I used a level blueprint for the playable level? Or did I overlooked something else? It’s really very frustrating to bump up to something like this after months and months of learning and working and able to find out what I am doing wrong… . I would be very grateful for some help to solve this issue I’m having. I hope I’ll get a answer soon. Thanks a lot in advance.

A couple things to check:

  1. Go to project settings and check the input to make sure nothing was broken by anything you’ve uploaded to the editor.
  2. Are you using a player controller that grabs your player character? I recommend this so it’s easier to move from level to level. Do you have a game mode defined?

Game mode should point to player controller which grabs playable character which starts at the “player start” you have defined.

If you’re not using the above component setup and just have a playable character that you copy and paste from level to level, that works too but harder to manage. In which case, if the old playable character from your working level works, why not just copy and paste/duplicate it from there?

Hi EmpireLion,

Thanks for your quick reply!
I’ve checked the input settings and all the blueprints but everything seems to be fine.
However I did not use the game mode yet because I actually don’t know how to use it exactly.
You mentioned to copy and paste the playable character into the another level… I was not aware of that. Could you explain how to do it? I’m just using The Third Person Character which I’ve only customized for the game purpose. Before there was not a problem with using the character in the other level so I thought it was not necessary to do so.
Regarding to your suggestion I should start to learn about the game mode and apply it on my character?
Thanks again for your reply, it was very helpful!

By the way: great nick you have :wink:

Hi Sean,

Yes I recommend getting familiar with how to set up Game Modes and player controllers so they can call the playable character you’re going to use in a level, that way you can make modifications to the playable character and it wont matter which level they’re getting pulled into as long as the level blueprint knows which game mode and therefore which player controller to use. I think, you can also define the game mode in the project settings as well.

Good place to start: Game Mode and Game State in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation
Controllers in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Good luck and dont give up.

Thanks a lot EmpireLion! I think I’d have to learn game mode sooner or later so could I can start doing it now… . I’m determined to finish this little game so won’t give up! Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it and am very grateful for that.

Please mark this resolved if your issue is resolved. Thanks :slight_smile: