Why is my Teleport Node showing an interaction but not teleporting?

So I have been trying to hook up this teleporter. Basically I used a blocking volume and an overlap so when the player, I am using the Ball blueprint project template, so when the ball falls through the volume I want it to teleport to the target point, which is back on top of the platforms. Just so if the player ever rolls off the platforms they can teleport back up to the top, however I can’t quite figure out what’s not working. When I simulate it, there is some sort of interaction between the nodes but no teleport happens.

Any help?

It looks like you are using the Level Blueprint ? So maybe using the target “self” for the teleport is not the best choice. Try using the ball as the target.

I tried using a “Cast to” for the PhysicsBall but still no luck, the Blueprint knows that something has passed through the volume, its just not performing the teleport.

Never mind it’s been solved, just swapped the Teleport node for a Set Actor Location node, in case anyone was having the same problem! Thanks.

What has passed through the volume is the “Other actor” on the event. So that’s what should normally be given as “Target” to the “Teleport” node.

I’ll say that I guess so because I tried teleporting the player pawn after gathering it from its own actor blueprint and it didn’t work while I saw the exact same thing working on a video. So I don’t really know about that “Teleport” node…