Why is my static mesh not moving?

I’ve been trying to get my mesh to move on my command like in the UFO input example, but so far I’ve been unsuccesful. Here are the steps I took so far:

  • I created a blank project with starters content.
  • I created a new Pawn Blueprint.
  • I’ve added a mesh and a camera as child of that mesh. The mesh’s mobility is set to Movable.
  • I created a Delta Seconds variable and a Movement speed variable.
  • I’ve set the movement speed default to 700.
  • I’ve created input axes MoveForward, MoveUp and MoveRight with corresponding keyboard buttons and scales.
  • I’ve copy pasted a part of the BP_UFO_Physics example that can be found in the Content Examples.
    Specifically I’ve copy-pasted the part that updates the actor’s velocity based on Input.
  • I’ve also added the Event Tick and connected it to set the delta seconds and then connected it to the Set Physics Linear Velocity node, which has as target my mesh.
  • I placed an instance of my Blueprint in the game world and I also set the Auto Possess property to player0

When I press play I can see that the Blueprint is doing its job. The Input Axes have positive values, yet my mesh is not moving. What is going wrong?

Okay I finally found it.
The Physics property Start Awake of the mesh should have been set to true…

I’m moving a UStatic Mesh via c++ so I needed to set the static mesh to “movable”, since the mesh is statically in the scene I did that in the Unreal Editor by clicking on the static mesh->Transform tab->Mobility set to Movable.