Why is my sphere Tracer not reacting?

I followed the instructions found here: UE4 Ledge Climbing Tutorial Part1 - YouTube and I cannot even get the tracer to acknowledge the collision. I have it all set up the same as in this video. I can only surmise that the issue is either the version of UE4 I am using, or the way I have the setup for the wall I am trying to get the tracer to collide with. From what I have seen, the tracer should turn green when it detects a collision. Mine stays red, so it doesn’t seem to be detecting anything. Does anyone know if it’s an engine difference or do I just have something wired backwards? Also, I should mention that I am using the Dynamic Combat System that is available in the marketplace.

Seriously, I have everything set up exactly as the video instructs. Thanks in advance!

if you post some pics of your collision settings and bp I can look over it.

In the collision preset of the actor the sphere should collide with, is Visibility set to be Blocked?

Yes it is.

I hope this provides enough information. Also the object and trace channels are set to ignore.

yes it is.

the LedgeTrace of your wall is set to overlap, but I think it should be set to blocked