Why is my soft object reference valid, even if I never loaded it?


I made a BP with a soft object reference variable to a skeletal mesh with a default value. If I resolve it, it works. Thus it contains a valid object reference to an instanced object of the skeletal mesh. But I never loaded it (asynchronously or synchronously)! I thought the thing with soft object references is that they don’t automatically load, but that I can decide when they are loaded and unloaded?!

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edit: The bug has since disappeared for me since closing and reopening the editor. It’s working as intended now. The Skeletal Mesh isn’t getting loaded automatically.

I just tested this out with Skeletal Meshes and you are right, it gets loaded automatically. You can get around this bug/limitation by using Data Assets. You store a hard reference to the SkelMesh in a data asset, and you store a soft reference to the data asset. Load the data asset then get the skel mesh reference from it.

Quick tutorial on using Data Assets in BluePrint

  1. Create a New BP that inherits from Primary Data Asset. I’ll call this Skel_PDA
  2. Open Skel_PDA and add a Variable that is a Hard Obj Reference to a Skeletal Mesh. Compile and Save.
  3. Right Click in the Content Browser and go to Miscellaneous>Data Asset
  4. Choose Skel_PDA as the Data Asset Class. I’ll name this Skel_DA
  5. Open Skel_DA and set the Skeleton Mesh Obj variable to whatever you wish. You can create several of these DA the same way and give each one a different Skeleton Mesh.
  6. Now you can create a variable that is a Soft Obj Reference to type Skel_PDA and set it’s value to Skel_DA. Then you would Async Load that DataAsset and get the Skeleton Mesh from it.